Quick Information

What if my toilet, tub, sink or sewage coming from clean out (usually located outside)?

  1. Call the City and have them check on their side of the meter. There is no charge for this service.
  2. If not blockage is found then call the office
  3. HAMPTON (757) 727-8311

    NEWPORT NEWS (757) 269-2750

What if my water heater is leaking?

1. Turn off the water value to the water heater. (Normally it is mounted on the top, on the cold water side)

Where is the water main cut-off?

Each home is different but it is normally located on the water service line coming from the meter to the house. 2. The valve should be inside a value box (underground) with a lid.

What if I have a Natural Gas Leaks?

1. If you smell something that is like rotten eggs ("mercaptan") then call 1-877-572-3342 Immediately. 2. Do not use any devices that might create a spark, such as light switches, phones, flashlights, or electric appliances, including computers. A spark could ignite the gas. 3. Immediately have everyone leave the house. 4. Go to a nearby phone and call the Virginia Natural Gas hotline to report the odor. 5. Keep everyone away from the building until given the “all clear” from a gas company employee. Remember, never try to find the leak yourself.