Rules & Regulations

  1. No checks will be accepted after the 10th of any month. Payment will be made by certified check or money order only.
  2. Exterminating is only done during the first thirty (30) days of your lease and/or prior to the beginning of your lease. The only exterminating that will be done after that time period will be for termites or other wood destroying insects that will be paid for by the company. The only exception to this will be the apartments owned and managed by the company, will be exterminated at least three times a year at the discretion of the company.
  3. Any letter received by PPH, LLC by the Department of Codes and Compliance concerning any violations by the tenant, will carry a cost of no more than $50.00. You may not have unlicensed, untagged vehicles in your yard. Grass must be cut and no trash may be in the yard. You may not utilize the yard as an outside storage space. You may not store a RV at the property, nor hook it up to the property. Please visit your corresponding City's Department of Codes and Compliance for a list of all regulations.
  4. Painting the interior of your leased property with any color that cannot be covered by one coat of white paint will carry a fee of no less than $100.00 to cover the extra costs incurred to change the color back to white. Removal of wallpaper will also incur a cost not to exceed $100.00 and border paper $20.00, this also includes contact paper put on any wall.
  5. If you make a call for a MAINTENANCE ISSUE on the WEEKEND that is not an EMERGENCY, YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THE BILL. There are a lot of bills coming into the office that are being scheduled on the weekend because the tenant works during the week. You can call the office and make arrangements for us if this is the case. We have to pay overtime rates on the weekend and these bills will be passed along to you UNLESS, it is an EMERGENCY.
  6. You are responsible for changing the air filters on your heating and A/C units. This enables the units to function more efficiently and prevents damage to the units. They should be changed every thirty (30) days. If you have pets or smoke inside of the property, you may want to change them more frequently. If your A/C is not working, please cut the unit off so it can be serviced.
  7. Kitchen stoves can cause fire hazards by not cleaning the grease that falls underneath the burners by everyday cooking. Please make sure that you keep this area clean. Our maintenance staff can refuse to work on your stove should it be greasy underneath and request that you clean the same before proper maintenance is performed, this also includes the side of the stove.
  8. You cannot store any materials around hot water heaters, as this is a fire hazard. Also, you cannot put a 100 watt light bulb in fixtures that require a 60 watt bulb. All ceiling fixtures require a 60 watt bulb in our houses. Non compliance could result in damage to fixtures, wiring and possibly fire. Any damage caused by using incorrect bulbs, will be charged to the tenant.
  9. You must have Renter’s Insurance and add PPH, LLC as an interested part
  10. Tenant agrees to have any space clean and sanitary prior to any maintenance being performed and tenant agrees to move all required belongings for the area to be accessed. Example: if you have a leak under the kitchen sink, you will remove all belongings from under the kitchen sink and ensure that it is clean prior to the plumber arriving to perform maintenance.